Chain Breaker - 2 Bags

Chain Breaker - 2 Bags

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Molten Iron
High-Octane Blend

  • 24oz = .32 cents per cup
  • Super-caffeinated blend of Kenya AA Nyeri and Colombian Supremo
  • Certified organic and Rainforest Alliance
  • Roasted fresh to order
  • Ships within two days
  • Ideal for drip, pour-over, French press, and AeroPress

No drowsy eyes for you, thank you very much. It’s time to put on the full armor of God and take your stand. Our super-charged, highly caffeinated Molten Iron blend brings the best of two continents together, pairing an ultra-light Colombian Supremo with the rich, dark Kenya AA Nyeri for an explosively bold, yet creamy-smooth java to get your day started right. The Kenya AA beans are grown on a small cooperative farm high in the slopes of Nyeri under the shade of macadamia and eucalyptus trees, while the Colombian beans come from an organic, Rainforest Alliance Certified cooperative farm in Tolima, Colombia, more than 1,400 meters above sea level. Their merger has produced a creamy, chocolaty, slightly nutty blend that helps keep your mind sharp, your soul armored-up, and your taste buds saying mmm-hmmm. Bring it on, world.

As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”— Proverbs 27:17 NIV

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Customer Reviews

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I LOVE the coffee ,it tastes so delicious, especially the aroma. 💜☕

Armor of God: Chain Breaker 2 Bags

Love love love this organic coffee! I get so excited when I brew this every morning. It smells so good, tastes even better, and I get the energy and focus that I need without the jitters or major crash. I’m pretty sensitive to dark roasts so I had to grab this medium roast coffee. Already recommended this to my friends and family. Will be ordering more!

Nice quality but a bit acidic

Order arrived quickly and well packaged. But this coffee flavor tasted shallow and acidic, more like a “truck stop” coffee. Not our thing.