5 lb. Church Coffee Plans - Auto Delivered Monthly


  • ✅Certified Organic
  • Premium Grade Coffee
  • Roasted Fresh to Order
  • Ships Monthly Automatically
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Lower Pricing Just for Churches
  • Free Shipping on Every Order
  • ✅Whole or Ground
  • Ideal for Drip or Pour-Over

    5 lb. bags are perfect for your larger gatherings, or for providing excellent coffee to your congregation. With our church subscription plan, 5 lb. coffee bags are delivered to you or your church monthly at an extra discount—and with free shipping on every order.

    Perfect for churches with coffee hours, adult Sunday school programs, and coffee with the pastor.

    Select the number of 5 lb. bags your church needs every month, and we’ll have them delivered automatically.

    For each 5 lb. bag we sell, we will give 10% of that sale to a charity or nonprofit that is doing the work of God in a community.