Thank God for technology

Thank God for Techology

Technology gets a bad rap, doesn’t it? It’s blamed for everything from Millennials’ supposed “lack” of social skills to how strangers don’t talk to each other in the grocery store anymore. We’re all glued to our phones and I’ll be the first to say, that’s probably a bad thing.

But sometimes, those same devices can be a really good thing. Staying in touch with family member, navigating to a new place, taking photos of your kids school program and sharing them with the grandparents. You know, all the normal every day things we are able to do with our phones now.

And then there’s my own real-life case in point: when you head out intending to take some much-needed quiet time with God and forget… yup. Your Bible. 

You might ask, “How in the world…?” Trust me, I ask myself this same question. All. The. Time. I should probably get an app to help me remember…

But see, this is where technology is actually really great. I can read the Bible, even when I forgot it at home. Now all I need to do is click on the familiar brown-square Holy Bible icon and boom—the word of God there at my finger tips in whatever translation I seek. (Seriously, friends, if you don’t have the Bible app, click here to get it. And no, I’m not getting any kind of cut from this plug!) 

At home I typically use two versions: the New International Version and my personal current favorite, the Common English Bible. Yet on occasion, I find a passage that stumps me. For instance, the other day I was reading about the slight Moses and Aaron made toward God in Numbers 20:6-13, yet I didn’t really understand where they’d gone wrong (I have to admit, I’m no Bible scholar—just a regular person). I could have Googled it, which would have been another fine use of technology, but I decided to try my hand at a few more translations in my Bible app—The New Living Translation, The Message, and the King James Version. Then my mind wrapped around it and I understood.

We tend to blame the modern world for all sorts of evils, don’t we? But truly, the modern world has a lot of good in it if we just shift our perspective. Thanks to my cell phone, I was able to enjoy my morning scripture reading with my coffee when I forgot my physical Bible while out of town. (And I was able to get my directionally challenged self navigated back to where I was staying thanks to my Maps app—win Number Two for technology!)

You might have read the following verse when things go wrong. But today, I offer it in gratitude for technology: “We know that God works all things together for good for the ones who love God, for those who are called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28 CEB). Even my cell phone.

Until next time, friends, stay armored up.

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  • Karen Friday on

    Yes, while I love my using my Bible for reading and studying, it’s nice to have the Bible App on my phone for times I don’t have my regular Bible with me. And I have found using Bible apps on my phone makes it easier to shoot a verse to a friend via text or pull it up easily during a meeting or having coffee/tea with a friend. Anything intended for good, the enemy will use for evil. But we have the choice to not only change our perspective but to also keep that proper balance in using devices for good and not letting technology control our lives.

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