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Staying in shape—physically and spiritually

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Staying in shape—physically and spiritually

We know it’s important to stay in shape spiritually. Right? I mean, as Christians we know we’re on this earth temporarily, and eventually, these bodies of ours will age and, over the course of a century, crumble back to dust. But our souls will live on for eternity in heaven if we stay right with God on His path.

Still, some of us get so caught up in the spiritual stuff that we forget: God gave us a body for a reason. Now, not all of us are prime specimens. Maybe we’ve lost some muscle tone, or because of age, life circumstance, or infirmity, lost some of our original physical abilities. (Or maybe, like me, we’re spending too much time with that carton of ice cream binging on Netflix.) Let’s face it: We can’t all look like Captain America—or Captain Marvel.

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