In the after: A Christmas reflection

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In the After: A Christmas Reflection

In the quiet of the late morning, it’s almost like Christmas never was
Except for the wrapping paper, balled up beneath the tree
The presents all have been opened, exclaimed over, then settled neatly back into their boxes
For later…

A breeze sends tinsel fluttering gently
And you sit, sipping coffee in the stillness
Lights twinkling as sunlight glints off ornaments
Alone, but not alone
He is with you in the calm
In the tranquil hush
In the after…
His hand presses gently upon yours

I was there in the chaos
In the flurry of glee and merry and bright
And I am there
And always

Your heart stirs and settles at His words

Christmas … a joyful reminder, a frenzy of motion, a dizzy tumble and twirl of sound and smell and spice and love, of all your childhood promises and reveries and memories
Caught up!
Just for an instant!
A storybook brilliance
Like it never was
Like it always was
Like it should be
Like it will be
Like it could be
Heaven on earth.

In the after, you carry the hush and the hope with you
A sprinkling of Christmas joy in the days after
Fairy dust, only better
Scattered here and there
The Good News of the Gospel whispered
All the year through.


Merry Christmas, friends. May God bless you.

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  • Julie on

    Thank you for this message! This good news should be shared all the time!

  • Nancy E. Head on

    LOVE this! What a sense of peace He pours over us in this message!

  • Melinda Viergever Inman on

    You captured it. If only we could carry the wonder and love and goodwill If Christmas forward every day as a culture. For a moment, peace on earth, goodwill toward men. Mankind drops the ball, returning to political bickering and do-nothing inertia as quickly as possible. Holding onto peace and goodwill to humankind as we go forward into the new year is the believer’s challenge. God help us carry forward “peace on earth and goodwill toward humanity.”

  • Candice Brown on

    Fairy dust, only better…. I love the poetic nature of this blog, penned in the after Christmas quiet… Happy new year, my friend!

  • Melissa Henderson on

    I pray we carry the joy of the birth of Jesus into every moment of our lives. The Good News should be shared always, not just on Christmas. Thank you for this great message.

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