A Modern-Day Prayer for God’s Warrior: You

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A Modern-Day Prayer for God’s Warrior: You


Some weeks are just plain rough. The car breaks down, you lose your temper big-time with the kids, your whole department at work gets laid off—you name it. There’s no way through it except to just embrace the struggle, give it to God, and keep on going the best you can.

If this is you this week, we see you. In fact, we’re right there with you.

Each one of us faces battles on a daily basis, whether that’s job stuff, health issues, temptation, anything. At times like this, it helps to remember that not only is Jesus Christ right there with us, shouldering the burden at our side, but the very first Christians went through this, too. And lots of them had it far worse—not saying this makes our situation any easier, but somehow, knowing we’re not the only ones to have faced a struggle can be a strange comfort.

Your battle against the enemy might not look like the battle early Christians faced when the Apostle Paul penned his letter to the church in Ephesus in the first century, but the battle between good and evil carries on still. Whether you’re in the Armed Forces fighting the forces of oppression and tyranny, or standing as a Christian compass in a me-first society, we know how lonely it can feel.

This prayer is for you—for us all.

A Modern-Day Prayer for God’s Warrior: You

Inspired by Ephesians 6:10-20

Heavenly Father, sometimes I feel so powerless against all the world holds to be valuable: money, fame, power, shiny new things. But I know You are the source of true power and perfection. As Your child, You give me everything I need to stand strong against the evil and ungodly messages tempting me from Your path.

You, God, provide me with heavenly armor that protects me every day against the darkness:

  • The truth of Your holy word, the Bible.
  • The peace and all-consuming authority of Your Holy Spirit.
  • Salvation in the gift of your Son, Jesus, who paid the price of my sins on the cross.
  • The passion to spread your Good News to all.

Help me understand these are all gifts never to be taken for granted. Help me remember to put on my “armor” every day to protect and strengthen me so I may, in You, fight back against evil in whatever form it takes. Help me know in my heart these tools You provide are infused with your holy, supernatural, and ferocious power so that I am able to stand my ground against evil and be light shining in the darkness.

And let the peace that is You wash over me today and always.


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