A Challenge of Why: Godly Whispers

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A Challenge of Why, Godly Whispers

By Addison Williams

Happy New Year to you!

I will preface this by saying it is not a devotional about New Year’s resolutions, but rather about our “why.” I believe it is important to evaluate our motives and stance more often than we do. I’ll be the first to admit I do not do it as frequently as I would like, but this past week, I am really vested heavily in reevaluating my “why” for many different things.

As a baseball player I worked out daily, but once I was married with children, I fell off the wagon—no longer! I want to be healthy not only physically, but mentally and spiritually, as well. Isn’t it the same with our faith? We head to church, do a Bible study, and then fall off at some point during the week? It’s our human nature as we get wrapped up in our daily activities, but it is evident that when our focus and hearts cry out for God daily, we tend to have better days, which lead to better weeks and so on.

As such, my life has been on trial so to speak. Coming off the holidays, working out again, and expecting a baby boy in a few weeks, my life is continuing to evolve (in a positive way). But the realization that my faith needs to be first overall has been ever-pressing on my heart and in my mind. As children of the one true King, may we all take inventory of our thoughts and challenge ourselves to better understand how we can grow from them.

We must know our why.

Easier said than done, right?

My wife and I were recently talking about life and the stage we are in, and it was a wakeup call. It wasn’t necessarily a wakeup call in a bad way, but one in which I have been able to write down my interests, thoughts and take action upon those. You see, it’s easy to say about anything, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” but what if tomorrow comes and we push it off again... and again?

The key is to take action.

When we align ourselves with the pursuit of God, the other highs and lows of life tend to be easier (not non-existent). While pursuing God, we are able to build a relationship with Him, which in turn begins to unravel this messy and unpredictable life.

I began this article with the simple statement, “Know your why,” which could mean lots of different things. But may I challenge you today to not worry so much about where you must go, but enjoy the journey along the way—with God on your side. Your life becomes meaningful when you have the confidence there is some magnificent Creator guiding your steps.

As Proverbs 16:9 says, “In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps.”

Isn’t that a peaceful reminder? That God guides our steps, and even more so, sent his Son to this earth in the flesh to witness to people in 33 years of life, die a torturous death on the cross, and rise again three days later for eternal freedom. He loves us! (John 3:16)

May your faith be ever present in your life, for the God of the universe, your Father, is waiting for an opportunity to instill in you the necessary skills and heart to impact lives for the Kingdom. God’s “why” is extremely clear, but for you and me, we must silence the noise and turn up God.

You, my friend, are a missionary. As you have placed your faith in Jesus, your “why” is deeply rooted in your heart. May you have the encouragement to pursue God and let that “why” float to the surface.

May you soar on eagles and not grow weary, dear friends, and trust in the Lord who breathes the very breath of life.

As a collegiate athlete and baseball coach, Addison Williams has learned some important life lessons, but one thing that has stuck with him: Continue seeking the presence of God. Addison is a father, husband, friend and coach. He has a heart for connecting and building long-lasting relationships. While working at RightNow Media, he has been fortunate to seek God’s plan and allow opportunities to blossom. He is fortunate to be a husband and father, coach select baseball, and reveal to others how to grow their business through online strategies. Interested in more articles by Addison? Check him out at https://www.addison-williams.com.

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  • Ed Blonski on

    I read “Start With Why” and “Know Your Why” by Simon Sinek. What you wrote is exactly what I came away with reading those two books. I also am sharing this with my youngest son who just concluded his collegiate baseball career and is now a collegiate coach.

  • Candice Brown on

    Amen. Intentionality must accompany every area of our lives.

  • Nancy E. Head on

    It’s so easy to fall off. We have to cling to hang on. But the distractions… Great post!

  • Yvonne Morgan on

    It all begins with the listening. Thanks

  • Anne Mackie Morelli on

    Contemplation and humility help us to unearth our heart motives driving our behavior. We can do something that looks good on the surface, but our reasons for doing it can be misguided. Knowing the why helps us adjust our hearts.

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