19 fun things you can do at home during social isolation

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Whether you live alone, with young kids, with aging parents, or some other dynamic, if you’ve suddenly found yourself healthy but stuck inside because of the coronavirus crisis, you might be going a little stir crazy by now.

I mean, I love binge-watching Netflix as much as anybody, and connecting with friends on social media can be fulfilling. But the monotony can also be depressing and anxiety-inducing for some… and maybe tempt us to do unhealthy things to combat this. (Hello, potato chips?)

Here are 19 things you can do alone, with kids or older adults, and with friends to combat the coronavirus doldrums:

  1. Do a puzzle (or build Legos, if puzzles aren’t your thing)
  2. Paint a picture (YouTube has some great how-to videos if you’re a total amateur, like me)
  3. Reorganize your linen closet or tackle some other boring chore you’ve been putting off
  4. Have a virtual game night with friends or family
  5. Do a daily video or phone check-in with friends or family
  6. Start a garden (indoor, if your community is discouraging going outdoors)
  7. Download those photos off your phone and print them to put in albums, or use an album-making service that can do the work for you
  8. Start a YouTube channel, podcast, blog (or whatever else you’ve been putting off)
  9. Read!
  10. Download the Rosetta Stone or other language-learning app and delve into a new language (bonus: maybe you can reward yourself with a trip once the virus settles down and travel restrictions ease)
  11. Write that novel you’ve been meaning to write
  12. Go for a walk or a run in your neighborhood (if your community allows it)
  13. Workout indoors (if you have no equipment, do sit-ups, squats, lunges and push-ups, or workout to any number of fitness videos on YouTube)
  14. Read your Bible
  15. Do a daily devotional
  16. Learn to meditate
  17. Explore Tai Chi or yoga
  18. Play Toss 5—select five items from every room in your house that you no longer like or use and donate them to Goodwill or some other local donation collection
  19. Drink coffee—lots and lots of coffee (you knew that was coming)
Your turn: What fun things can you suggest for people stuck at home right now?  Comment below!

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  • Joshua J Masters on

    I’ve been making a lot more home lattes. This is a fun list… except organizing my linen closet. I’m not THAT bored. Maybe another week.

  • Candice on

    Love these ideas. Already connecting with family over Marco Polo, my extrovert mother’s idea.

  • Nancy E Head on

    I started my novel. Your ideas seem like great stress reducers. Thanks and God bless!

  • Melissa Henderson on

    What a great list! I especially love the idea to write a novel. :-)

  • E. Anne Morelli on

    Some great suggestions. It is interesting that as I have connected with friends through texting, emails, facetime calls it is clear that people are searching and finding things to do to occupy their time. Some are re-engaging in hobbies, dusting off their sewing machines and sewing, doing crafts, baking, doing puzzles, playing games, going out for walks. It is a time to engage in things that bring us joy, provide distraction and help us to connect in safe ways. All blessings amidst the challenges of being socially isolated. Blessings to you and your family.

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